Tips & Tricks

Use Your Kindle as a GPS Navigator

The Kindle might not have a GPS receiver, but it does have EV-DO that is location-aware. In the browser mode simple hit Alt-1. The Kindle will plot your current location on Google Maps. Just like on a PC, you can zoom into the street or zoom out and get a look at the surrounding area. Hit Alt-3 in the map and it will search for nearby restaurants. Then make sure to let the Kindle sit shotgun because selecting Alt-2 finds the nearest gas stations.


Play Minesweeper from your Kindle

From the home menu, hold down Alt-Shift-M simultaneously to launch Minesweeper.  Just like you play on your PC, the Kindle packs a full Minesweeper game.  You use the I, J, K, and L keys to move up, left, down, and right, and ALT-Scroll to toggle from row to row or column to column.  The M key lets you mark a mine and the Space key uncovers a cell.

Kinda cool that the Kindle has hidden features that allow to take a break from reading.


  1. JANET BROWN says:

    I could not figure out the GPS navigator trick. I have a Kindle 3. Also the “free” games aren’t available to Canadians…

  2. I have a kindle 3 as well. the GPS navigator Alt-1 trick does not work. Any ideas?

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