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Add your own pictures to the Kindle to be used as the screensaver images that get rotated thru.

  1. Connect to your Kindle via USB.
  2. Create a folder named ‘pictures’
  3. Within that new folder, create another folder name ‘My Pictures’
  4. Copy any number of pictures you want into the new ‘My Pictures’ folder.  600×800 is the size of the screen display.
  5. On the Kindle, go to the Home Screen
  6. Press ALT+Z
  7. There should now be a ‘book’ named ‘My Pictures’ displayed.
  8. Open the ‘book’ to start the picture viewer.
  9. Cycle thru all of the pictures pressing F (to make them full screen), then ALT + Shift + 0 (the number zero) to select each one for the screensaver.

There you have it, enjoy your favorite pics.  What are your thoughts on this neat feature?

There’s a website called that has kindle formated books available.  Now you can try books on your kindle that won’t cost you a penny. Many of the books I read when I was younger and would consider great books for your own library are available at the site.

There is a large number of books at that I wouldn’t bother with, but I plan on grabbing many of the classics that I haven’t read or haven’t read since I was much younger.  A large number of Shakespere’s works, Poe, well far more than I had expected. Thanks to for hopping on the bandwagon early and getting their collection converted so quickly.  Go check it out, I can’t image you won’t find at least one book you’ll download.

You can also check out Amazon’s selection of free books.  The link I provided lists all available Kindle books sorted by price. All of the free books should appear first, even if you click on a category on the left of the page. I’ve used this technique many times to find new books for zero cash.

From the home menu, hold down Alt-Shift-M simultaneously to launch Minesweeper.  Just like you play on your PC, the Kindle packs a full Minesweeper game.  You use the I, J, K, and L keys to move up, left, down, and right, and ALT-Scroll to toggle from row to row or column to column.  The M key lets you mark a mine and the Space key uncovers a cell.

Kinda cool that the Kindle has hidden features that allow to take a break from reading.