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front lit kindle

Amazon will be launching new versions of the Kindle reader and tablet.  The Kindle is super popular, but if you wanted to read at night, you had to purchase an external light and attach it to the device.  Thew new front-lit Kindle will already come with a built in light!  This does come with a bit of a trade off though.  The internal light will consume the battery a bit faster, however, I don’t foresee it been a huge problem seeing as how the Kindle battery lasts a ridiculously long time.  The front-lit Kindle is set to be released in July.

There are also plans for a new Kindle Fire to be released close to the holidays, which will be a bit bigger than the 1st Fire.

Amazon plans to keep the new devices at about the same price or raise them slightly.

Stay tuned for more updates coming up within the next 2 months!

Do you think a front-lit Kindle would be worth giving up a bit of battery life?  Let me know your thoughts below.