Manage Your Kindle

Amazon requires you to register your new Kindle in order to manage your content, personal settings, and account information.  If you previously owned a Kindle, you may still have subscriptions that you will need to cancel.

Register your Kindle enables you to  purchase Kindle books, newspapers, magazines and more using your personal account information. Once registered, you can make Kindle purchases wirelessly from your Kindle device or by shopping on  Your Kindle purchases will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle.

Click this link Manage Your Kindle to register yours.

  1. bradley says:

    waiting to hear about any ways in which i can view offline web pages and blogs

  2. Dear dear stuff Amazon-kindle

    yours poet
    Walter William Safar

  3. Amazon Kindle has done more for Art than all publishers together,I think in the last decade.
    Dear Amazon Kindle future will reward you with immortality,becouse you’ve helped kids mother Art,unknown poets and writers.
    Good bless you!
    Walter William Safar poet&writer


    ART is the entagler of rainbows
    in the sky,
    what is created by imagination
    untamed in the end
    the whisper of a strong spirit in the alley of immortality;
    ART is an eternal shadow
    on the stage
    of Life,
    what is created by the faithful servant of eternity;
    ART is a magic
    fairy tale
    in the visionary eye;
    ART is blessed water
    which is used to wash the conscience
    of mankind.
    Walter William Safar©

  4. […] Your Kindle has a unique and customizable e-mail address you can set on your Manage Your Kindle page. (“name” […]

  5. william staton says:

    how can my wife go right to any book or verse without having to di it page by page?

  6. william staton says:

    sorry i forgot to add the word “bible” sneeds to be able tohit right on to any book,chapter or verse and not have to do it psge by page…

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