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If your mom is a reader (most moms are) and you still have no clue as to what to get her for Mother’s Day (May 8th), Amazon has recently come up with a bonus gift offer for that special mama of yours.

They are selling the Kindle 3G (3G + Wi-Fi) at it’s regular price of $189 but if you buy it before Mother’s day, they’ll throw in a $25 Amazon Gift Card.   This is only valid for US Customers.

Interested in getting this deal?  Click this link to go to the Amazon page and follow the instructions below:

1.  Add the Kindle 3G and $25 Gift card to your shoppping cart.

2.  When you are finished shopping click the “Proceed to Checkout button”

3.  The $25 Gift Card promotion value will be reflected at checkout.

4.  Once you complete the purchase, the gift card will be mailed to the physical address designated by you at checkout.

Hope you and your family have a great Mother’s Day and I know this is a bit early but just wanted to give you some time in case you still hadn’t made up your mind about a gift.
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Kindle (Wi-Fi)

This is a great choice if you already have a high-speed internet connection and a wireless router set up in your home and do not need the added convenience of a 3G connection.  3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go. If you do not have Wi-Fi set up in your home, Kindle 3G may be a better option.

(Note: Your Kindle can connect to Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b or 802.11g standard.)

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi)

This is the easiest option because there is no wireless setup—you are ready to shop, get books, and read right out of the box. Built-in Free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or commitments—Amazon pays for Kindle’s 3G wireless connectivity.  The added convenience of 3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go—without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection.  With wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories, Kindle 3G is a great option for travelers

To check the Kindle 3G’s coverage area click here