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The Whispernet status indicator shows you whether the wireless Whispernet service is turned on or off, the signal strength of your Whispernet service, and the connection type.  Here are the possible indicators and their meanings.

The Whispernet service is active and your Kindle has a strong signal.  The more bars that are filled in with black, the stronger the wireless signal.  Note that a weak signal can increase power consumption.

The bars are filled in grey.  This means Whispernet is checking for signal strength.  This usually lasts less than 30 seconds.

The Whispernet service is turned off.  You can turn it on by pressing the Menu button, and using the 5-way controller to navigate to “Turn Wireless On.”

(Only for Kindle models with free 3G connectivity) Kindle is connected to Whispernet using the 3G cellular network or one of the slower networks (EDGE or GPRS).  Your Kindle will automatically swtich to the faster 3G network when available.

Kindle is connected to Whispernet using Wi-Fi.

When you press the Menu button, icons indicating the type (Wi-Fi or 3G) of your Whispernet service appear to the left side of the signal bars.