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So Amazon has decided to give students a break and rent textbooks through any Kindle device or Kindle App.Here’s a list of some of the great features this offers:

  1. Choose a rental length between 30 and 360 days and only pay for the exact time you need a book.
  2. Rent and read textbooks on PC, Mac, Kindle or your mobile device.
  3. Access any notes and highlights anytime, even after the rental expires!

How does Kindle Textbook Rental Work?

You can rent for the minimum length (30 days) and save up to 80% off the list price.  You can extend your rental by as little as 1 day as many times as you want and just pay for the added days.

Download one of the free Kindle reading Apps by clicking here – you decide where you want to read your textbooks.

Search for your textbook in the Textbook Store or from the search bar.  If a Kindle edition is available for rent, you’ll see an option in the Formats section and select Kindle Edition.

On the Kindle Textbook page select the textbook rental end date.  You only pay for the time you need and can extend or buy anytime.

Finally, click on “Rent now with 1-Click” to place your order.

What are your thoughts on this new way of acquiring textbooks for school?

Looking to test your puzzle solving skills?  Pixel Perfect is a free game with over 50 hidden pictures to discover.   Each picture starts out completely blank.   You use the number clues in each row and column to discover the hidden image.  Each clue tells you where to draw a run of consecutive black squares.  The clues in a row or column appear in the same order as the runs in the puzzle grid, with at least one empty square between each run. Start with the largest clues first, and then cross out squares that you know should be empty. This will allow you to narrow down the possibilities and logically determine the remaining squares.

The challenges can be tough, but there are 3 hints available on each puzzle to help you out if you get stuck.  The game can even find and erase errors at any time.  Time, hints used, and errors are tracked for each puzzle.

Enjoy this freebie.  Click here to get it now!

If you’re looking for new games to play on your Kindle this weekend, you’re in luck.  Amazon’s running a sale on games (many starting at $0.99!).  Click this link here and check out if your favorites made the list.
Happy 4th of July weekend!
P.S.  Remember sale ends July 10th