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Need directions to your next destination?  Well if you have your Kindle around, you can easily use it as a GPS device with the help of Google Maps.

Follow the steps below to learn how to:

1.  Press the Menu button, select the “Experimental” option and  click on “Basic Web”.

2.  You may want to “Clear Cache”, so you have more memory available web-browsing.

3.  Press the MENU button to pick “Go to Top” or “Enter URL”.

4.  Type

5.  Using the 5-way button, go to the right until you reach “Go To”. This should take you to the Google Maps text directions.

(If you want to bookmark the page for future use, press the Menu button)

6.  Use the 5-way button to navigate through the “To” and “From” fields and type in your directions.

7.  Use the 5-way button to choose your mode of transportation: “By car”, “By transit”, “Walking” and “Bicycling”.

There you have it.  This should take you from point A to point B with the help of Google Maps.