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Inkmesh is an ebook search engine that makes it easier to find free ebooks and compare ebook prices for the Kindle, iPhone, Sony Reader, Nook and more.

The brilliant e-book search engine Inkmesh helps you find titles quickly and easily, either by author, title or genre. The site covers popular (and legal) e-book sources from 34 different websites (including the Kindle Store), and lets you restrict your search to free e-books only. You can even exclude public domain titles if you’re looking for more recent freebies.

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Hangman is a word puzzle game everyone played as a child, but with 600 puzzles of varying difficulty this game is no child’s play.  I remember playing this during class whenever my friends and I were bored.  Now that it’s available on Kindle, it gives me a break from reading and allows me to reminisce back to the old days :).

The objective is to complete the word or phrase in the least number of guesses.  You are presented with a category that the word belongs to, as well as with a row of dashes representing the number of letters the word contains. As you suggest letters they are added in their correct positions, or if you guessed wrong, another body part is added to the figure hanging from a gallows. Guess the word or phrase before the figure is completed or you lose the game.  You can get up to 2 hints per round and follow your progress with a running tally of your results.

Are you a Hangman pro?  Click here to download it and challenge yourself!

Attention Sudoku Fans!   EA has released a new Sudoku game for Kindle for $3.99 which includes wireless delivery.

EA Sudoku contains thousands of built-in puzzles, as well as the ability to enter and play a puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine in “Newspaper” mode.

With five difficulty levels from “Easy” to “Insane,” Sudoku offers plenty of fun for Sudoku players of all skill levels.   Built-in game features let you make “Notes,” “Undo” moves, and apply “Error Checking.”  If you get stuck, you can use the “Hints” feature to fill out a cell for you, or use “AutoFill” to display the notes on all open cells on the game board. You can even track your game stats to see how you progress over time.

Are you a Sudoku addict?  Download the game here.