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Attention Sudoku Fans!   EA has released a new Sudoku game for Kindle for $3.99 which includes wireless delivery.

EA Sudoku contains thousands of built-in puzzles, as well as the ability to enter and play a puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine in “Newspaper” mode.

With five difficulty levels from “Easy” to “Insane,” Sudoku offers plenty of fun for Sudoku players of all skill levels.   Built-in game features let you make “Notes,” “Undo” moves, and apply “Error Checking.”  If you get stuck, you can use the “Hints” feature to fill out a cell for you, or use “AutoFill” to display the notes on all open cells on the game board. You can even track your game stats to see how you progress over time.

Are you a Sudoku addict?  Download the game here.


Do you enjoy puzzle games?  Mine Sweeper is FREE on Kindle!

The objective of Mine Sweeper is to find all of the mines that are hidden on the game grid.  When you uncover a location on the grid, the number of mines adjacent to that location is revealed. The game ends when you have successfully identified all the mines and uncovered all the unoccupied locations – or, when you inadvertently uncover a location that contains a mine. The clock is ticking, so challenge yourself to go faster and faster with each game.

The Kindle version of Mine Sweeper contains 3 different grid sizes for various levels of difficulty and thousands of different puzzles for almost endless variety. If you are new to Mine Sweeper, turning on “Tips” will provide helpful hints to get you started.

Enjoy this freebie!  To get it just click here –>  Mine Sweeper