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This is a great game especially for people who like word searches.  Its a really good deal too, only 99 cents for 50 games!

The objective of the game is to locate and mark off words in the grid using the 5 way controller.  Each word appears in a straight line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the grid – but be careful, sometimes the words are backwards!   You can play at your own pace or against the clock and see who can get the fastest time for each puzzle.  You can also pause your way through a puzzle and return to where you left it.   You can reset each puzzle and try it again as many times as you like.  If you get stuck on a more challenging puzzle then you can give up and see the correct solution.

It’s just like those crossword puzzle books grandma carries around but with e-ink!

To get your copy today just click Word Search Kindle Game

Do your grandparents own a crossword puzzle book?

Hello Kindle family, this post is a bit different from the norm.  This post is not about what’s new in the world of Kindle or How To use a certain feature, this post is about helping someone who has reached out to us.

A donation of $1 (or more if you can afford it) and sharing this link with your friends can make a tremendous difference in the life of a mother and son.  Please click on this link –> for more details.

A new, free software update is available for the Kindle (latest generation).  Some of the features included in this update are:

  • Public Notes :  This feature lets Kindle users choose to make their book notes and highlights available for others to see.   Any Kindle user can opt-in to share their thoughts on book passages and ideas with friends, family members, colleagues, etc. This is a new way for readers to share their excitement and knowledge about books and get more from the books they read.
  • Real Page Numbers : Real page numbers that match the page numbers in print books so you can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class have been added.  Tens of thousands of Kindle books already have this new feature, including the top 100 bestselling books in the Kindle Store that have matching print editions and thousands more of the most popular books.
  • Before You Go … : When you reach the end of the book, you can immediately rate the book, share a message about the book with your social network, get personalized recommendations for what to read next, and see more books by the same author.
  • New Newspaper and Magazine Layout : A new and improved layout for newspapers and magazines has been added. This new layout gives you a quick snapshot of the news and helps you decide what you want to read first.

All latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G customers will receive this software update automatically via Wi-Fi once it becomes available.

P.S. Can’t wait to get it delivered to your Kindle automatically?  Download the Early Preview Release of Kindle software update version 3.1 and transfer it to your Kindle via USB:

Kindle Wi-Fi: Download 3.1 (Early Preview Release)

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – U.S. and Canadian Customers: Download 3.1 (Early Preview Release)

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – European Customers: Download 3.1 (Early Preview Release)